Children and Short Term Memory Loss

Usually, people believe that only older are plagued by memory loss. However, even children, some as young as six or seven years, can find it difficult to remember what they have learned. However, children, memory is often limited to only short-term memory loss. Usually, children suffering from short term memory loss may have suffered a head injury, suffering from emotional stress or even have learning disabilities.

If a child is suffering from short term memory loss and finds it difficult to remember the simple day-to-day activities, it is advisable to go to a qualified doctor. Rather than child alerts, try to help your child improve his / her memory. Since several ways you can see short-term memory in children.

If your child does not remember simple things, keep repeating it patiently. You need to cultivate patience without showing any signs of irritation. Usually, this type of memory loss is temporary. So, do not worry too much. Help your child understand and learn things, so that he / she is able to hold it.

There are several mental stimulation games that help the child improve his / her memory. Try to play games with my child. Also visit the school and talk to teachers. Inform the teacher about memory loss. It is quite possible that the teacher must be ready to recap lesson taught in class at the end of the class, so that the child can remember it. It also helps to encourage your child to do some creative activities such as arts and crafts or do-it-yourself project. This will stimulate the brain and allow the child to remember things more easily.

Today, many kids rather spend their time sitting in front of TV or computer. Encourage your child to go out into the fresh air. Allow your child to play and be physically active. This will stimulate blood flow to the brain and also make the child feel rejuvenated. This can go a long way in improving my child. Also give a simple task to the child, then buy milk from a nearby grocery store. You can follow your child if you want.

Above all, as a parent, you should be ready to accept that your child has a problem. Talk to him honestly about it and assure him / her that there is nothing wrong in forgetting things. Inform your child that by making an effort to remember things, they will soon find that they are able to remember things better. Do not get angry at the child to forget things, like even emotional stress can lead to memory loss in children. Rather, praise and reward your child when he / she remembers something or completes the task. This will encourage your child and encourage him / her to work harder to remember things and projects.

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